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Christmas and January

Hi all!

FretRoom will be closed from:

24th December to...
25th Jan 2019!!

You can still text or email any questions i.e.

  • What key is this song in?
  • What is this chord called?

That kind of thing....

Be good, keep cool, and Happy Christmas :)

Tuyo (Live Version)

  •  16 March 2018
  •  484
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Tuyo is the cool tune from the program Narcos. This transcription, however,, is from a live version (Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo (Parque lage) I stumbled upon and liked it way better.. So this is not the version you heard on Narcos.

This is mainly a minor ii-V-i chord progression.

Listen to the tune, check out the corresponding TAB, learn the bits you like, play it the way you need to so that you get the vibe right.

Do not try and play this exactly as written, just use it for inspiration.

The chords he uses are really nice, try and make sense of them, chords like:

  • Bm7b5
  • E7b9
  • A7b9/C#

Good luck.

There will be a corresponding demo video soon to hopefully shed some light on how you can play this.