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Template Lesson Files are purely for your use.

Download them at any time, and make sure you choose the format most suited to your needs.

There are three formats used:

  1. TAB
  2. Stave
  3. Fretboard

TAB and Stave Lesson Files are probably familiar and self-explanatory. That said, for TAB, remember that the bottom line is the bottom string and the top line is the top string. On the guitar, the low sounding string is the bottom string. The high sounding string is the top string.

Fretboard Lesson Files use a certain naming convention, as an example we'll look at BLANK NECK DIAGRAM 03X24 vs NECK DIAGRAM 03X24.

"BLANK NECK" means that there are no dot markers on the diagram. "NECK" means the fretboard lesson file will have dot markers. If you are creating generic patterns then use BLANK NECK, otherwise, if you want to reference a cerain key, use NECK.

03X24 means that there are 3 blocks, and each block has 24 frets.

Neck Diagram 05x12

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Blank Neck Diagram 06x12

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Neck Diagram 07x12

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Tab Blank - 6 String

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Blank Neck Diagram 07x12

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Stave and TAB Blank - 6 String

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Neck Diagram 06x12

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Blank Neck Diagram 15x04 Left Handed

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Blank Neck Diagram 10x07

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Blank Neck Diagram 14x07

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Blank Neck Diagram 03x24

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Blank Neck Diagram 05x12

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