North Fremantle Guitar Lessons

Sweep and Economy Exercise

 This is a tricky piece.

Take your time.

Take note of the finger recommendations and the picking direction.

You can of course adapt the finger or picking choice. But if you do, make sure it i for a good reason and works better for you


Take one little piece and add it to something that you already do.

Bar 1 is a little lick that ascends through the scale and each time it hits a new string, it then ducks back to the previous string and targets either the 3rd or b3rd depending on place in scale.

Bar 6 introduces a snaky hammer-on/pull-off idea. Make sure it is same speed as rest of song. From here it repeats from the start of section and then skips to bar 7 instead of 6

Bar 8 is the same idea as before but then next chord up the scale. The piece starts with Am, and this bar uses B diminshed.

Bar 12 descends through the scales chords as arpeggios. Instead of Em, an E is played. a common trick and a familiar sound, too.

Bar 13 then ascends using a different pattern. After the G, a bridging chord is used to get to the next one. This bridging chord is G# diminished. Diminished chords are great as a way of introducing chromatic chord lines.

Bar 14 ends the lick changing the chord from Am to A major. Why not eh? It then plays the whole of the C shape arpeggio in the key of A.