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Stormy Monday Rhythm Ideas 1

  •  08 August 2017
  •  158
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This lesson file demonstrates the use of a few concepts.

Each concept can be varied as you see fit, but it is best to get the fundamental established so that you can use them as a springboard for your own ideas.

The main idea is to do 'something' on beats 3 and 4 of every bar.

From there it is 'do what'?

The ideas listed here are:

  • Do something on beats 3 and 4 every bar.
  • Use current fret and adjacent fret.
  • Ascend or descend a semi-Tone at a time until it is time to play the next chord in the sequence.
  • Play bass notes based on the current chord, or even better, in anticipation of the next chord.
  • Play around with the 9th aspect of the chord by making it 9, b9 or #9.

What is written is just a demonstration. The speed of the song, the groove etc will play a part in determining what sounds best, you just have to play this and get a feel for it, and experiment.