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Stop This Train

  •  18 September 2019
  •  248

A tab of this cool tune.

Not an easy one to TAB as the right hand style is quite distinctive and distinct as a John Mayer style rather than a general style you would learn.

For the strumming hand

  • The idea is to only use the thumb and 1st/index finger
  • The thumb plays the bass note
  • The finger plays everything else
  • On beats 2 and 4, you strike the strings as the finger flicks through the strings to make a percussive sound
    • Tricky at first
    • You need to spend a lot of time on this as this is the engine for the groove of the song and his style of playing
  • The finger choices are marked on the PDF to show how John plays it.
  • You have to experiment and play around with your own finger choices 
    • I physically can not reach all of the chord shapes so I have to adapt it my own way