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Seven Nation Army Riffs

  •  23 May 2018
  •  3087

Great satisfying riff to play.

I use this song for most new starters, you'll be playing it in no time.


I use this song to demonstrate hand positions.

The notes, for me, are in two groups

Two groups as fret numbers:

  1. 7, 7, 10, 7
  2. 5, 3, 2

Two groups as Notes:

  1. E, E, G, E
  2. D, C, B

Hand position 1 uses frets

  • 7,7,10,7

Hand position 2 uses frets

  • 5,3,2.

Thinking of the hand position

  • Stops you from just using any old finger.
  • Stops you from playing the song in a really jerky fashion, say, with just the first finger.

The fretting finger choices for the notes above are:

  1. 1, 1, 3, 1
  2. 3, 1, 1

Notice that the second finger is not used here.

Using just the 1st and 3rd fingers you can almost keep the fingers in a naturally spaced position.

  • Relax your arm
  • Let your hand hang to the floor
  • Relax your fingers

The spacing between your fingers is how you want your hand to look the whole time you play this riff.

And relaxed!

So now, when you play each note do this:

  • DO Move your hand to reach the note
  • DO NOT stretch your finger to reach the note


The chorus is entirely made of POWER CHORDS.

Play this in time and it will sound great.

I use 1st and 4th fingers.

You might want to use 1st and 3rd fingers to make these chords.

It is your choice.


Get Section A and Section B looping round.

Make the best use of that silence from the end of section B to the start of section A.