North Fremantle Guitar Lessons


  •  19 December 2017
  •  211
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 I love this track. 

The guitar is dirty and rubbish, and that makes it raw.

The bass and drums make it seedy.

There is also an acoustic strumming in the background, too. Did you notice.

It is not transcribed.

I aim to do the bass soon, but it won't sound as good because it is a fretless bass and he is not quite hitting the notes properly (as far as I can tell) and that makes it even more great!

Regarding the solo, it is simply an E chord played at the 12th fret, using the E shape.

Play it as fast as you can, but as even as you can, with as much vibe and mojo as you can, slide in to the chord every now and then for extra attitude. Make it cool. 

And what a great name, Link Wray, or is it just me that thinks it is great?

I also like the name of the guitarist from the James Bond theme - Vic Flick!!

Check out Jimmy Page reminiscing on this track: Jimmy Page Listening to Rumble