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Pull-Offs and Hammer-Ons Exercises

  •  08 September 2017
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Starting with the A minor Pentatonic Scale

If I was thinking of the CAGED system, it would be shape 1, the E Shape or octave shape 1.

It could also be the C Major Pentatonic Scale, in which case it would be shape 5, the G shape or octave shape 5.

But anyway, moving on, this is quite an advanced file, it focuses on the pentatonic scale. It requires paying attention to the right hand picking technique (alternate picking throughout except for some tripets) and it requires concentrating on the left hand fingering, getting you used to playing with either the 1st and 2nd finger, plus the 1st and 3rd finger, or all three!

After a few example exercises, it is then off to real world examples.

The tunes referenced are

  • I Wanna be Adored by Stone Roses
  • Riverboat Song by Ocean Colour Scene
  • Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

These tunes have been used becaue they are distinctive and cool, plus a nice challenge.

The picking pattern gives you an idea of the timing. If you stick to the picking pattern exactly you get a feel for when the notes should be played.

When you are up and running, you can play it with whatever fingers and picking pattern you like. The idea here is getting you in control of that choice.