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Leviathan Intro

  •  06 April 2019
  •  120

This is a killer riff.

Played sublimely as always.

What a player.

A lot of people like to dismiss Yngwie but I think he has taste, licks, vibe, mojo, groove, soul, ideas, skill, vibrato, bends, whammy bar by the virtuosic bucket load.


This riff is to be thought of in two ways:

  1. Playing the riff 'normally'. It is played three times with a slight variation at the end.
  2. Play counting in triplets, that way the emphasis is not based on the riff, but based on the beat. It will feel completely different and that is the point.

It is transcribed in E minor / G Major and also as if the guitar was detuned a 1/2 step, which I believe it was for the recording.

Yngwie J Malmsteen - Leviathan