North Fremantle Guitar Lessons

Lesson File

Desert Bus Ride

  • Gustavo Santaolalla
  • Stave
  • TAB
  • Transcription

Take your time with this, and make sure you pace yourself.

You should be aiming to make this piece your own. Take control of it and make it as expressive as you can, capture the mood, rather than try and play it as exactly as written.

How emotive and expressive can you be?

Gustavo plays with the tempo, and you should, too. Try different bends, hammer-ons etc, what will work better on your guitar?

Also, note that this is a 'more-or-less' kind of transcription. I have implied a timing but that doesn't mean it is accurate all the way through. My first draft was in 3/4 so it is really vague and open to interpretation, so interpret away.

Check out the tune: Babel Soundtrack - Desert Bus Ride - Gustavo Santaolalla