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Boxey Bluesy Notes

  •  25 July 2017
  •  209
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This demonstrates some the places you can find the note C.

Around that note will be the cool interva;s to add in blues palying.

Each note can be experimented with i.e. slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs.

If in a different key, say F, then you have to move the shape so that the note C is now F.

The black notes are extra notes within this boxey shape that you can experiment with or target with your bends.

  • The 2nd note sounds good going to a 6th then the root
  • The 2nd note is good when bent sharp a 1/4 step, or a 1/2 step, or a whoel step, and places in between, too. Trust your ears!
  • The b3 note is great bent a touch, or up a 1/2 step to the 3rd.
  • The b5 notes are good to bend to the the 5th.

... and on it goes, keep experimenting with ideas and combinations of notes. Do not get too busy as you want to understand what each note gives you.