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Christmas and January

Hi all!

FretRoom will be closed from:

24th December to...
25th Jan 2019!!

You can still text or email any questions i.e.

  • What key is this song in?
  • What is this chord called?

That kind of thing....

Be good, keep cool, and Happy Christmas :)


  •  28 May 2016
  •  955
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This has some solid concepts and is a good song to study for chord sequences.

I had always wanted to learn this song, and that is the cool thing about teaching, students give you a reason to learn it.

As with a lot of McCartney songs, he makes use of changing the 4th chord in the scale (in this case, F) to a minor chord (Fm) for a nice effect.

Once you recognise that sound you can pick it out quite easily in other songs.