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Christmas and January

Hi all!

FretRoom will be closed from:

24th December to...
25th Jan 2019!!

You can still text or email any questions i.e.

  • What key is this song in?
  • What is this chord called?

That kind of thing....

Be good, keep cool, and Happy Christmas :)

Another Brick in the Wall Part 2

  •  29 October 2018
  •  89
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Classic tune.

I think this is the song (with that guitar solo) that kick started my desire to play guitar.

Solo can be added later when have time.

This lesson file lays out most of the guitar parts during the song.

So look out for "Gt 1" and "Gt 2".

The count is referenced where necessary, and due to limitations in the software it might be a bit tricky to follow but do your best :)