North Fremantle Guitar Lessons

Christmas and January

Hi all!

FretRoom will be closed from:

24th December to...
25th Jan 2019!!

You can still text or email any questions i.e.

  • What key is this song in?
  • What is this chord called?

That kind of thing....

Be good, keep cool, and Happy Christmas :)

Guitar Fanatics!

Welcome to FretRoom

North Fremantle Guitar Lessons

Jon is a very motivational teacher with excellent strategies for continued improvement. He teaches a perfect balance between songs and theory …

Amanda Oliver

The Fretroom was great for getting me started as a beginner guitarist and I learned essentials.

Evan McAuliffe

In the past couple of months my playing has improved tenfold. I have had a few guitar tutors over the years and Jon is a passionate teacher with a wealth of knowledge whatever level you are at…

Joe Dethridge

Simply the best :). Thank you so much.

Pradeep Wickramanayaka

I had no idea what to expect with my first guitar lesson. Jon helped guide me through theory and patiently break down concepts with me. He followed up with links to his website and emails to make sure I was on track.…

Ruby Pettit

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