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Sunday Sessions

  •  05 February 2019
  •  714


Sunday Sessions is changing.

If you want a jam, or you want to practise some songs, let me know, I will pass the message on to other students.

Playing music with others is a crucial part of improving as a player, and having fun, too

Come down to FretRoom on Sundays for a casual jam and a chance to experiment alongside other musicians.

This is for small groups so that everyone gets a go.

So get in touch , contact info at bottom of this page.

When you play with other people you really get a sense of what being a musician is all about.

  • Is your timing consistent?
  • Is your volume appropriate?
  • Are you in tune?
  • Is your sound appropriate?
  • Can you remember the chord sequence?

Sounds difficult, and it is, but you would be surprised at how you quickly pick things up.

So the idea of Sunday Sessions is for you to practice what you have been learning. Realise that you can actually play, and try out something new. Maybe you want to try a solo, or new chord shape. Maybe you want to see if you can learn the song on the day. Maybe you just want the chance to play with other musicians.

Just remember, this is all to help you. Not to intimidate. If you want to try something out just let me know.

Usually I suggest the song and also the sequence.

Then I suggest who will start, who might try a solo and offer ideas and suggestions if wanted.

How good is that?

Let me know via the many methods of communicating and I will book you in at the next convenient slot.

Sessions are usually 10:00 till 11:00 AM.

I do try and match up students so that they compliment each other i.e same kind of level, learning the same kind of songs etc but not always.