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Quick Look at the Member's Area

  •  25 June 2018
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Students (and parents) now have access to the Members Area.

It's a one-stop-shop for all things FretRoom that relate to the Student:

  • Sessions
    • Attended and Scheduled
  • Profile
    • Your info i.e. email, phone
  • Invoices
    • View balances paid, remaining
  • Receipts
    • View all payments made
  • Lesson Files
    • Links to Lesson Files that are mentioned in any Session
  • 11th Frets
    • Links to 11th Frets that are mentioned in any Session

Some of you may have been introduced to Fred - and no, it is not FredRoom even though it is suggested enough times :) - he will assist me as I guide you through the member area.


Home Page

On the Black Menu Bar is the option to Log In. A pop-up will appear, if you do not have an account, you can log in by using...

  • demouser

... for the username AND the password.

Log In
Log In


Profile Page
Profile Page

Once you have logged in you will be redirected to the Profile page. Here you can edit your basic info like

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Preferred Session Time


Member Menu
Member Menu

At the top you will see a new yellow menu block. This yellow menu block is the main area for logged in users.

Access your

  • Profile
  • Sessions
  • Invoices
  • Receipts



This is a list of all your sessions attended and scheduled.

The current filters are:

  • Attendance
    • Scheduled, Attended, Absent
  • Type
    • Trial or Lesson
  • Lesson File
    • Any Lesson File assigned to your Sessions
  • 11th Fret
    • Any 11th Fret blog assigned to your Sessions
  • Band or Artist
    • Any band or artist assigned to your Sessions
  • Invoice
    • Any Invoice assigned to your Sessions

Attended sessions are ordered by the most recent first, and the oldest last.

Scheduled sessions are ordered as the nearest first, and the furthest away last.


Quick Look
Quick Look and View Page

Like all of the site's list, you can see a bit more info in a pop-up window clicking 'Quick Look'.

In the pop-up, you can click 'View Page' to view ALL of the relevant info.



The Session page shows your

  • Summary
    • What we covered in the session
  • Tasks
    • To work on before the next session
  • Lesson Files
    • Files related to the session
  • 11th Frets
    • 11th Fret blogs related to the session
11th Frets
11th Frets plus Schedule

The above image shows the link to an 11th Fret Article. And also highlights your next scheduled Session.


Have a look around, check out the Invoices and Receipts. Experiment with the Filters.

Let me know of any suggestions or feature requests you may have, always welcome.