•  01 February 2017
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Updated 1st April 2019

Trial $30

Lesson $60

Group Lesson $75


Have a trial either here at FretRoom or online via FaceTime or Skype.

Here we have a chat, discuss what you can play, and what you want to be able to play.

I get a chance to see your habits, chord shapes, scale shapes, songs, techniques etc.

It is not a reason to feel intimidated, far from it, it is a chance to see where you are at, and where we can go. Great!


Lessons can be here at FretRoom or online via FaceTime or Skype.

Once you have had a trial we will get the foundational concepts up and running and then head down your chosen path, be it a certain genre, or using theory, or certain style.

Advanced players might just want tips, tricks, and a little nudge in the right direction.

We can do that, too!

Group Lessons

If there are 2 or more wanting to attend each session, then you are in Group Lesson territory. Group Lessons are a great way for you to share this guitar journey with friends or family.

You can encourage and help each other as you go, plus maybe provide a bit of healthy competition along the way.

Please note: All parties have access to session data, lesson files, and 11th frets and therefore sessions are charged as Group Lessons regardless of attendance.

Cancellation Period

From 29th April 2019, if notice of cancellation falls within 24 hours prior to session start time, and if session can not be rescheduled that week, the sessions will be chargeable.

Best efforts will be made to reschedule, but this is not always possible.

Price Adjustment

As of 29th April 2019, prices have been adjusted to reflect the current rate across WA. That said, prices have been kept below the current average.