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Numbers Game

  •  16 April 2017
  •  516

If you are bored of playing scales and want to just get creative, but nothing seems to come to mind, or fall out of your fingers...

There are easy ways to get your creative juices flowing. Try your Birthday...

Demo Video


Let's see, my birthday is 16th of May, 1974.

So in number format that would be:

  • 1, 6, 0, 5, 1, 9, 7, 4

Great. I will use the first four numbers for my verse

  • Verse = 1, 6, 0, 5

The second four numbers for my chorus.

    Chorus = 1, 9, 7, 4

So each number represents the fret that I will play.

Birthday as Notes
Birthday as Notes

I can do it just playing single notes or use power chords.

Birthday as Power Chords
Birthday as Power Chords

After jamming it for while I decided I liked the idea of it sounding punky. That made it easier to apply the quirky chord sequence. And I quite like it.

Birthday as a Verse and Chorus
Birthday as a Verse and Chorus

So what is your birthday?

How does it sound?

Can you make it sound cool?

What style of music would help you do that?

Use other number sets like phone numbers, house numbers and post codes.

Driving License numbers. It helps me to never forget it. My driving license number sounds like a solid 70's rock riff. Superb!

The pdf used in this blog is found by clicking the Lesson File link below.

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