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  •  23 May 2019
  •  27

This 11th Fret Blog is for those new to FretRoom, either as parent, student, or other... (not sure what that would be....)

The website is built for you.

All lesson material is on the website, and is either a LESSON FILE (primary lesson material), or 11TH FRET (a blog with supporting information to the Lesson File).

You can access it for free and view it any time, on any device.

When you become part of the FretRoom family, you get access to the MEMBER AREA.

Here you can view

  • SESSION INFO (i.e guitar lesson)
    • Each session has info for you and links to download or read
    • As either Active, or Completed
    • Payments received so far
    • Your email, number, preferred time etc
    • Parents have access to all info relevant to their child, and can monitor and assist with their learning

No information is shared with anyone

Your name and email is required for the account creation, nothing more.

You are the only person (once you create your own password) that can access your account.

Your information is as secure as can be

The site is developed using Joomla!, a CMS that is very secure.

The site is hosted on Siteground, a hosting company with an amazing focus on security.

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