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  •  30 January 2019
  •  709

How to Find FretRoom?

Fretroom is a dedicated space for guitar tuition and music theory.

Full internet available, as well as amps, guitars and pedals. It's a relaxed vibe, and also, sometimes has a dog in it called Fred.

The address is

Easy when you know, but the first time can be tricky. I'll name-check some places:

  • Mojo's,
  • Propellor,
  • Habitue,
  • Bruce Town,
  • Weeties
  • Flipside...

If you know these mighty fine places then you can find Fretroom easily.

  1. With Mojo's behind you, cross the road,
  2. Propellor is on your left, Habitue is on your right.
  3. Turn right down Burns Street.
  4. Weeties is on your left, Habitue is now on your right.
  5. Keep going till you reach the last building on the left (just before Tydeman Road).
  6. Go through the blue gate, walk to the end and there is Fretroom.

Public Transport


It is a 2 minute walk from bus stops 11144 and 11145, bus numbers 103 and 998.

They stop right outside Mojos.


It is an 8 minute walk from North Fremantle train station, on the Fremantle train line.


Parking is free down Burns Street, and you can park right outside Fretroom.