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Derryl Gabel Super Fusion Guitarist

  •  13 April 2017
  •  567

The focus for today's blog here at the 11th Fret is Derryl Gabel.

Not everyone will be after what he does, but if you like super fast jazzy/rock stuff then this is your guy.

He has superb technique and is cool enough to share his knowledge.

He has plenty of resources online and you can buy dvd's and even take lessons from him.

Check out this video of a song he transcribed.

It just goes on and on and is pretty crazy in places and he makes it look so easy.

So check out his Derryl's stuff, the power of the guitar compels you.

I like his 3-1-3-3-1-3 pentatonic idea, check that out, and please, adapt it to make it your own, there are other patterns you can discover.

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