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Tommy Furrier Most Excellent Site

 11 April 2017

This little blog highlights a site dedicated, but not limited to, Tommy Emmanuel - Australia's very own guitar super hero.

There are plenty of TAB's to download so check them out. They are listed below.

The site is run by Tommy Furrier, and in his own words:

"The site was created in order to share Tommy Emmanuel's music with guitarists from all over the world."

"The website is for everybody who loves playing the guitar. You can be a beginner or advanced player, [and on the site] you can find a lot of great tunes to get started with."

"Fortunately, a lot of people have been encouraged to pick up and play his music so far and I hope more people start doing so."

"I have released albums too. I have been playing for many years and I have written many songs, you can watch"

I asked Tommy Furrier what other artists people should check out...

"I guess, there are lots of great artists or unknown talents around the world from whom you are able to learn a lot. Personally, I would recommend my favourites who really inspired me at the very beginning: Mark Knopfler, Nick Drake, J.S. Bach and so on. As for guitar players, I would say Buster B. Jones, Tommy Emmanuel, Gareth Pearson and Brooks Robertson. They are great."

Tommy has listed on his site artists he likes here:

Here is the list of TAB's currently available on his site...

Nice work!

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