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So you want to learn guitar?

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We can all be taught how to play a song. We can all be shown how to play a scale. But what do you learn from these songs? What do you do with these scales? How can you use that in the future?

Fretroom's mission is simple:

Coach you to understand what it is you are doing when you play a song, riff, or lick.

Show you the methods and concepts that will advance your playing.

Extend and compliment your current guitar knowledge.

Guitar Lessons

Fretroom is all about learning the guitar. Located in Burns Street, North Fremantle, it is a dedicated teaching space.

Guitar Lessons are taught in bundles of 5, with the focus set on achievable targets.

Want to understand modes, great, in 5 lessons you will be up and running, applying dorian and aeolian to your playing purposefully.

Want to understand chords, excellent choice! In 5 lessons you will understand Major and minor chords, 7th chords and sus chords, and create and correctly name your own chords.

Whatever you want to learn, I will get you there. Be honest with how much time you are willing to commit each week, and together we can successfully create a package that will work for you.

And this is not just for the advanced player looking to find new scales, modes or picking techniques. The beginner guitarist will get taught a solid foundation and feel confident when trying to decode a youtube tutorial or music book.

Guitar Lesson Prices

All guitar lessons are 50 minutes in duration.

One off lessons are $60, each, but the idea is to have bundles of 5, which are $50 per session. This allows us to establish a goal, and get there. When you first come to Fretroom, you will receive a trial lesson which is $30. After the trial I will create a package that fast-tracks your guitar journey. View the Prices page for more info.

Guitar Lesson Files

All lesson material is made in house.

You can view the lesson material and download for free at any time on the Lesson Files page.

They generally come in two formats:

And they are categorised as file types:

Creating lesson material like this allows me to make fully customisable material for you.

A classic example of creating custom lesson files is left-handed chord diagrams. I try to discourage the use of left-handed material as there is not as much out there compared to the abundance of material and videos for the right-handed folk. But, hey, you might really prefer it. No worries, any thing I make for you will be in left-handed format.

These files are yours forever. Once you have the pdf you can print them off as many times as you like, even share them amongst your peers.

Over to You

That's enough from me. Your turn. Get in touch via one of the methods below, let's have a chat.

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Case Study

Neil Bell

Case Study 3

Neil learnt a few chords a while ago but never managed to do much more. He decided that the time was right, and came to Fretroom for help. Neil found that he was able to pick it up quicker than he thought he would. The main concept was learning chord shapes, practising chord changes and creating rhythm patterns. We focused on being creative, making new rhythms, and applying the ideas that came naturally.

Mark Yy

Case Study 2

This was an interesting one for me. Mark is highly skilled at boxing, so we used that knowledge to approach the guitar. We treated the musical rhythms like combinations, the notes like upper cuts, hooks, jabs. Worked out pretty well. With a set of notes (punches), how are you going to apply them as licks (combinations)? Which note is the killer blow? Pretty cool.

Joanne Styles

Case Study 1

Joanne was brand new to the guitar. The first bundle of 5 lessons focused on understanding core concepts: knowing how to find notes on the guitar, understanding where they would be in music notation, and learning a set piece. As a result she was able to play the Happy Birthday melody at her brother's birthday party. Her fist gig! Of course, this will help enormously with her music studies at school.

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I can be reached most times unless teaching. Leave voice mail if you prefer, or my preference is a text message.

In either case, let me know what times are best to return your call.


All emails are responded to lightning fast (unless teaching of course).

Add as much info as possible so that I can respond effectively.

  • Details about who the enquiry is for i.e. self, partner, son, daughter.
  • Whether the person is a beginner or not.
  • What you hope to achieve, if you know...
  • Is it a gift, or present?


23 Burns Street,
North Fremantle,
6159 WA
23 Burns Street,
North Fremantle,
6159 WA

Know where Mojo's is in North Fremantle?

With Mojo's behind you, cross the road, turn right down Burns Street. Last building on the left, just before Tydeman Road. Go through the blue gate, and then on in to Fretroom.

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The Fretroom was great for getting me started as a beginner guitarist and I learned essentials I'll keep for life, Thanks.

Evan McAuliffe

Simply the best :). Thank you so much

Pradeep Wickramanayaka

Looking forward to playing my new licks at my next gig. Knowing how to use what I know all ready in more creative ways has made my playing sound more sophisticated and professional

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